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Omg yes! , @ohitslizzie:disqus [13] I'm jealous. YG, pleaseeee WinnerTV season 2 please.... Yeah SM didn't have any 3D official lightstick like YG, JYP or Cube fandoms., actually seventeen has the best lightstick their lightstick won in one blog having a most beautiful light stick, vixx, monsta x and gfriend’s lightsticks are the best for me, Kyuhyun’s one voice tour snowflake lightstick is one of my faves, HOPE ONE DAY BLACKPINK’S LIGHT STICKS WILL BE THE BEST IN THE MARKET , Don’t even listen to UP10TION but that is a great idea for a light stick +10, For me,Monsta X’s lightstick aka mondoongie is the best cos it’s too beautiful to handle(pun intended).. you will definitely agree with me if you see it in real life.The thing i like the most abt this particular lightstick is the colourful lights. Add to cart. -unbiased- Haha Beast’s LT is also very pretty and is well connected to the B2TY and the Beast theme. Just if you think that it’s simple and nothing special doesn’t make it any worse than others. They can’t like it just because you think it’s too ‘simple’? The ice cream cone idea is super cute to me! I mean, did you SEE SHINHWAs??, bts’ lighstick pictures a bomb. Song: GO UP By: WINNER Made by Orange Enjoy!? Samuel’s has deer antlers,Gfriend’s is a snowglobe (Bassed on the Rough era),Got7’s is a play on. Privacy Policy Ikon’s konbat and BTS’s army bomb should really go together in case you need to fight off those haters and crazies. it looks like an unripe pineapple to me. SM and YG are destined for each other. Thank you, it has been updated! You’re saying ‘to be honest’, ‘in reality’ this or that one is the best, but you do realize that everyone has different tastes and what you think is the best can come like nothing special to others too? #NCTzen, Can you please upgrade RedVelvet’s? Yang HyunSeok Instagram. And what’s wrong with sharing? WINNER's Official Lightstick 1:06 am YG Press in instiz, winner. It would be nice if it's light blue cause it stand out like BB's yellow lightstick and 2NE1's hot pink lightstick. You’re biased if you chose BTS. 2NE1’s lightstick is one of my favorite designs and color choices. The color, the meaning, the link between shawols, Shinee, and our little angel ❤️, so true. But they do have their “official concert light stick” or their “official fan meet light stick” (credits to all the owners), Poll: Which is your favorite song in ASTRO’s GATEWAY album. Well, it’s an opinion. I like Astro’s light stick too but it’s not in the list too bad.. Get to know them and you won’t regret it. "[5] Reminds me of Big Bang's crown-shaped light stick. it also has its own signature… its not rly the best out there but it’s simplicity is what makes it appealing ( at least to me ) var imgtag = ""; Latest updates on BTS, EXO, TWICE and every other K-Pop group. BB’s as well. Each artist or group has their own unique lightsticks that their fans use. $25.92 [TAKE] MINO BROOCHES SET. And despite voting for both group that I love, my pick is Day6, Seventeen and AOA.. Kpop Ships if they ever come to LA, I'm going & buying the stick. Monsta X’s gives off a very masculine, sexy bachelor’s pad feel scented with just the right perfume. I just couldn’t help being biased when it comes to my bae’s. @[email protected]. Hahaha. My top 3 honest choices are Infinite, Cosmic girls and Gfriend. I mean it include some hangul there which is awesome to look at under the light. <- Click to buy (Discounted), Girls’ Generation I’m a hottest and I love our light stick The army bomb has never seemed all that great to me. as well as bigbang, 2ne1 and twice. I hoped when I saw this list, that I would saw it up there…, I didn’t know it represented those things, I know we are called birds and also about the fandom color but I didn’t know the lightstick represented it, looking it again it does look like it, From my POV exo,big bang and gg lightstick has their own signature. I don’t mean to offend anyone as well, but hey it’s true. SuJu's the closest blue., Can you uhmm.. update the lightstick of bts?♡, IU I also voted for Gfriend and WJSN. But it's pretty. Like for real though, these lightsticks are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They don’t know the fact about it’s meaning 5. Mamamoo’s lightstick is so cute too! XD I LOVE THEIR LIGHT STICK XD, I just choose BlackPinks cuz I love it- I MENA YOU CAN HIT PEOPLE WITH IT XD YNHSSNSO, Is it just me or Mamamoo’s light stick kind of looks like a green onion? I want to see Seunghoon and Mino on variety shows. var div = document.getElementById(pID); Twice’s lighstick is simply cute., My favorite is infinite’s tho it’s so pretty, Red Velvet is the best for me and reveluvs, the thing is that the bands will always change the light sticks so the new ones are bought. for(var i=0;i

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